Acupuncture Plus . . .


Expect a miracle!

Acupuncture Plus is the heading, as in each session with me I include an amalgamation of all I have gleaned, distilling what I have found to work with the ‘hard’ and apparently hopeless cases in my nearly 40 years of clinical practice.

I work with all ages and stages of life, and the conditions that may not always present as straight forward.

Mercier work – a gift for you

Told you have low AMH?
“Need’ donor eggs/sperm?
Come and see me.
Naturally it is often so easy to help – as the Natural Fertility Detective you may be very surprised at what CAN happen . .when we clear out why it can’t.




And not just enhanced fertility


If you have had ANY operation, any fall, anything that seems to have put your belly or back off kilter – this is fixing everything that was tough for people before I did this training  – if you feel ‘written off’ – it is time to come and see mean d we work together over a few months to sort it all out – so life is easy and if naturally better babies is what you what  they flow – as they would have had you been a few generations younger  . .


You help yourself

hands-heart on abdomen1Do you suffer and not know what to do next?

Pelvic pain and sexual dysfunction?
Displaced/prolapsed uterus?
Bladder issues of any description?
Periods awry?

Digestion absolutely tricky?
Life too hard?
No answers found?
We have them within.

I will be returning soon to live permanently at home (West Coast – two locations – the Greymouth studio and the Atarau healing sanctuary in the rose garden . . ) . .

I will be home for nearly a month over the Christmas break.
I will be gardening, resting and teaching healers up at my healing sanctuary in Atarau

How? Using energy medicine and vibrationary tools common sense, wise womanly ways, acupuncture, naturopathy, western and Chinese herbs, Mercier therapy, Maya massage therapies and counseling,and anything else that would seem to help you on the day.

These include not just needles when you come for ‘acupuncture’ but the entire tool box (remembering that I am also a naturopath and herbalist):


  • Mayan/Arvigo® back and abdominal work (plus perineal steaming)
  • Mercier (essential for all pelvic flow restoration – male and female – sacral/pelvic correction))
  • cupping,
  • lymph massage,
  • moxa,
  • diet consultations, and when needed
  • herbs and nutritional supplements.

Ask me how Email and now . . !
Could also start with a Skype consult as there is always simple natural solutions – just most have forgotten that the body is designed to heal itself – and I can show you how..

Declutter, reset, restore!