Ancient wisdom for modern problems

Good digestion is central to life.

Often the gut is expected to do too much and often at both ends of life, it is frail and needs a little help

Having experienced any stressors or knocks/falls can mean that the diaphragm is now stuck, tight and blocked, making all digestion difficult, often with you feeling burning sensations, gas, pain and general trouble with food.

What could you do to help?

Lots – all with your own hands.

Learn how, and also how castor oil packs, steaming and gentle self care may turn your life around.

Aided also by the Arvigo structural work, gently rearranging your spine means that the nerves, lymph and blood and Qi flows will all settle allowing your body to hum along perfectly again.

How women can benefit from Arvigo treatment for fertility, pregnancy and postpartum care.

General living in a woman’s body

Most women have generally felt like they have ‘been in the wars’ – their body assaulted through falls, accidents or misadventures. This so very often starts a lifetime of trouble as the uterus and other tender organs are shifted from their axis and may then be challenged as to nutrients and lymph/blood Qi and nerve flows – in all of the pelvic cavity.

Arvigo therapies for fertility, and especially pregnancy has shown that some women have experienced a smooth labour and a quicker second stage to birth.

Fertility – the ovaries and tubes need perfect circulation to work best. Any gumming up/congestion and blockages may be gently eased and soothed allowing the template you used to have to reassert itself.

It has been estimated that approximately 30% of women who have been unsuccessful in conceiving, eventually conceive after a succession of Mayan abdominal therapy treatments.  These sessions generally consist of massage, diet and lifestyle modifications, herbal therapies to enhance fertility, and in my case, also cupping, Gua Sha, acupuncture and moxa.

Once the uterus is in its optimal position, there is improved hemodynamics and homeostasis to support and enhance fertility.

In pregnancy, the uterus may be challenged from not being totally free and centrally placed to begin with. There may have been period hassles not resolved and these will show as the various pregnancy issues that some seem to  think are normal – the back, pelvic girdle and round ligament pain being two of these. Of course all nausea and bowel, allergy and urinary issues may also be easily solved using these gentle, time honoured healing methods.

Receiving Mayan abdominal massage throughout pregnancy can bring both relief and support to a growing uterus, as well as other discomforts sometimes experienced throughout the different trimesters.  By continuing massage we are encouraging the stretching ligaments, as well as soothing the indigestion, and relieving pressure on the veins. which so often accompany pregnancy.

Leading into birthing – the Arvigo work is brilliant as preparation to ensure that all is an open highway for baby to descend out into your arms. Any pain and structural tensions can be easily, gently, safely and profoundly shifted permanently. Not continual visits to a therapist – actually let me FIX it . .

After birth – even (and often) decades later – there may be problems that need solving. Your past structural, lymphatic and organ placement troubles may be easily, and gently massaged away by you – when taught how to do your own self care.

Arvigo treatment for postpartum care is usually best for the mother to receive the first massage after the 6 week mark, but prior to this doing a belly bind in Indian, Korean, African, and until recently, our own culture.

At any stage including pregnancy, the faja is ideal as this is a practice to support and contain all regardless of location of back or central prolapse pain. All part of the team to support the uterus and other organs to return to their optimal position.

If you are a VBAC mother and would really love more of an opportunity to have a natural birth the next time a round, this massage has been shown to decrease the need for a C-Section by strengthening and toning the uterus, ligaments and other pelvic organs.

For everyone – the massage helps to place and maintain the uterus to in the optimal position to work optimally with periods and fertility and to prepare for labour.

How men can benefit from Arvigo treatment

Besides the obvious digestive and structural help, the prostate – his uterine equivalent may be enormously changed through the simple techniques I can teach you to do daily at home. Whether undergoing cancer or other therapies – there is a place for you to lovingly and gently ease your body back to optimal health.

Any sexual and urinary issues that seem impossible may also be gentled away.

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